Betty Betty
I came here because I wondered about myself, if maybe I had this.

Derek Derek
And, do you? What do you think?

Betty Betty
I don’t know, and this site didn’t really give me any answers. I mean look at the weird pictures they show. I suppose, on my worst days, I can be a bit like that.

Derek Derek
I agree, Now that you mention it. These ARE overly dramatized pictures, and not really being helpful.




This website previously was an online resource for family, friends, and people who are affected by Bipolar Disorder. The website was created to cover a large range of topics related to bipolar disorder where you will be able to find news, videos, articles, book reviews, a discussion form, a blog, and many other resources to help you find ways to manage, care for, and treat this disorder. Nonetheless, I have officially decided to keep this topic and just make the page a whole lot more interesting, a little less serious and more fun, with a bit of humor and games, to which I guarantee will make you feel better.

Hector Hector
Gee, I don’t know about this site. Maybe the author has some “disorganized thinking something-something disorder”. At this point, the content looks like a mishmash of stories and fluff science.


Check back again shortly!


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by Beattie – Depressive phase of bipolar disorder

I do not know what caused the trigger or what made me sink so low that I had to be rushed to hospital. Everything was going on fine, and I was in what you would call a neutral place where I go on with my normal daily activities and momentarily forget that I am bipolar. Then my elder visited me, and we had an argument that sent me to a deep mire of depression.

sistersMy sister and I have always had the most had an interesting relationship. While I wouldn’t say that she was my best friend when we were growing up,she has never stopped to show me how much she cares about me. Our parents divorced when we were kids, and for some reason, this has always made my sister behave like she is my mother. Sometimes it makes me feel so loved, but there are times that I feel that she is overcrowding me. And I have never failed to let her know when I need her to back off.

bipolarThis Tuesday, she came to my college dorm room to drop me some of my stuff, and see how I was settling in. As usual, she started advising me on how I should have taken a better course, because literature and writing wasn’t going to put food on my table. I tried telling her that there were many options that I could explore, but she just couldn’t see it.

Our argument ended with both of us yelling and shouting, we told each other things that were mean and inappropriate. My new roommate was appalled, and effort to get us to come down were futile. By the time my sister was leaving, I was sitting in a fetal position, sobbing my hearts out. girls-arguing

And that is how it started.

I had an introduction class to attend, but I decided to skip it. My whole body felt tired and my mind was numb. I kept tossing my sister’s words on my head over and over. With each passing second, I became obsessed with how hurt depressiveand miserable I was. I took out my journal in an attempt to scribble something and get everything out of my system, but I had nothing. I ended up staining the pages of my book with tears that kept rolling.

No matter how hard my roommate tried to make me eat, I couldn’t. Everything tasted so horrible and plain!

All I wanted to do was stay in bed and cry my heart out. I was aware that I was slowly sinking into the dreaded bipolardepression that is common with people like me who suffer from bipolar disorder. I knew I should get out of the phase and cheer up, but I couldn’t. Something kept pushing me back into the heavy darkness that was around me.

The lonely girlA simple argument with my sister was now causing many sleepless nights. As my roommate slept soundly, I tossed and turned, wishing that I could get some sleep. I could feel some distant ache in my head, as if my skull was slowly cracking. The more I cried into my pillow, the more intense the building headache felt.

It was in the morning when my roommate found me collapsed at the depressiveentrance of the bathroom. I was rushed to the emergency room where I was diagnosed with depression and given medication to calm me down. I felt so guilty and vulnerable when I went back to the dorm room. My roommate was so understanding, and she told me that for years, her mother has battled bipolar disorder. It made me feel safe.